Evolution towards success


Mr.Ulhas.Y.Chaubal, established Scan Diagnostics in the year 2008, with the above stated vision. In pursuit of excellence


Imports of Toxicology Products such Drug of Abuse Test Kits, Urine Alcohol and Nicotine Tests from the largest manufacturer from China M/s. ABON Hangzhou Ltd now a Abbott group company.


Registered as a vendor with all BABE Centres in INDIA.


Registered API Methyl Prednisolone produced by M/s. Zhejiang Xianjiu Pharma, China with Drug Controller General (DCGI) of INDIA.


Drug Reference Impurities manufacturing facility at Hyderabad, Telangana INDIA.


Formation Marketing & Distribution division for API`s and Excipient.


Marketing association with leading API producers for promotion of excipient Sodium Stearyl Fumarate (SSF), Anti-Diabetic and Anti-Hypertensive API`s for INDIA and Asia Pacific Markets.


• An exclusive exports and sourcing agreement with local marketing & distribution from Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar Thailand and Jordan.
• An exclusive marketing & distribution agreement with M/s. Buzil Rossari Pvt Ltd for high end disinfectants, water treatment and sanitization products for pharma industry.
• A Marketing & distribution agreement with M/s. Cheryl Laboratories Ltd for Hand Sanitizer exclusive made for Hospital and Clinics.


An exclusive marketing & distribution agreement with M/s. Krupa Labequi for Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes & Viral Transport Media (VTM) Kits.

Our Vision
To establish Scan Diagnostics as a leading manufacturer of Impurities Nitrosamine and Distribution and Sourcing for partner for Healthcare Industry.

Mr. Ulhas. Y. Chaubal, established Scan Diagnostics in the year 2008, with the above stated vision. In pursuit of excellence, Scan Diagnostics, started commercial operations in just one product category i.e. Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes. We imported from M/s. Beijing Sekisui, China. Soon, we were catering to more than 45 CRO’s (Clinical Research Organisations) and BABE centres in India. Once we achieved the status of the topmost supplier in this category, we decided to expand into the Toxicology range of products. We added ‘Drug of Abuse Test Kits’ to our product range and besides CRO`s we supplied to Government organisation as well. This gave us the confidence to go international.

The next logical step was to start manufacturing and accordingly we started off by manufacturing Drug Reference Impurities. We later expanded by offering services of sourcing & distribution of Reference Listed Drugs (RLD), Innovators Reference Standards and Dedurated Compounds.

In our latest development we have started floated two new companies M/s AIRMID Chemicals Pvt Ltd for Excipients and M/s Vistoso Gifts Pvt Ltd for corporate gifting.